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We are the hub for leading global alumni and achievers in Lebanon.

Alumni Central was founded in 2011 and registered with the Lebanese Ministry of Interior (under license number /أد1141) on June 27 2012, with the objectives of: a) discovering like-minded people, creating solid friendships and enjoying a sense of belonging; b) developing a strong professional network consisting of leading global alumni and achievers; and c) giving back to the community. 

Our vision is to be catalysts and change agents in Lebanon by a) bringing together alumni of leading international universities and key achievers, b) stimulating business networking, talent synergy and the exchange of ideas; and c) supporting and enabling selected high impact socio-economic development initiatives by providing support and in-house expertise to relevant stakeholders.  

To help make our vision a success, we are proactively collaborating with civil society, volunteers, corporations, partners, local alumni groups, and our own networks. Naturally, your support is vital for achieving our vision, and as such we invite you to join and/or support us in making a difference. We hence invite and encourage you to learn more about Alumni Central.  

Meet the ExComm

Members of the Executive Committee for 2019 - 2021

Wael Kechli
IE University
Ziad Chemaly
Vice President
Instituto de Empresa
Naila Saba
University of Oxford
Elie Awad
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Desire Chbeir
Mazen Ferzly
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Meet the Board

Members of the Board of Trustees for 2019 - 2021

Asmahan Zein
Nassib Ghobril
Chief Economist
Byblos Bank Group Sal
Yasser Akkaoui
Managing Director
Newsmedia Sal
Marianne Bitar Karam
Managing Director
Bridge. Outsource. Transform

Hamdi Salhab
Senior Corporate Finance Advisor
Ericsson - Africa
Nicolas Boukhater
A.N. Boukhater Holding
Lea Hakim
Senior Economist
The World Bank

Founding Members & Former ExecComms

Founding Board

Alumni Central was founded in 2012 by nine Lebanese alumni of leading global universities. They were brought together with a shared vision to bring together like minded graduate to become catalysts and agents for change in Lebanon. These founding members were: Wael Abul Rahaman (Chicago), Jocelyne Gerges (McGill), Lea Hakim (Yale), Youssef Heneine (Harvard), Khatchig Karamanoukian (Oxford), Wael Kechli (IE) and Marcel Stephan (LSE)

Former ExecComms
Jocelyne Gerges (President), Sahar Tabaja (Vice President), Naila Saba Abou Khater (Secretary), Karyl Akilian Momjian (Treasurer), Maysoun El Hojairi (Accoutant)

Wael Abdul Rahman (President), Wael Kechli (Vice President), Lea Hakim (Secretary), Jocelyne Gerges (Treasurer), Mazen Ferzly (Accoutant)

Youssef Hneini (President), Marcel Stephan (Vice President), Camille Attieh (Secretary), Wael Kechli (Treasurer), Nadine Khoukaz, Mazen Ferzly


Giving back to our community is only one of the things we do

Alumni Central strives to fulfil its vision by bring alumni together to engage in various impactful community projects of its own design or in partnership with NGOs.

We also give back to our members by organizing professional development and fun social events

Our Activities
Community Projects

We bring together our alumni members with partner NGOs to engage in impactful projects, project with tangible results

Professional Development

We help build a professional network of high-caliber alumni and achievers, and provide our members with development enablers, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, and talent synergy

Social Events

We organize and support social events conducive to developing and maintaining friendships, with interests or hobby pooling prospects. We also try to realize synergy opportunities between social events and community service projects


We turn ideas into wonderful things

Hope you are inspired by the events to join us and bring more ideas to reality

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Alumni Central members are graduates of the top global universities

In order to realize its vision to become a "catalysts and change agents in Lebanon," Alumni Central seeks to enjoin graduates of top global universities and key achievers to become members. Graduates of international universities and key achievers can bring with them their educational, professional, social, etc. experiences and learning to positively bear on giving back to Lebanese society. Alumni Central found that having top global university graduates as its member base would give it the best chance to give back to Lebanon in the most meaningful way.

Members of Alumni Central are graduates of the following universities:

California Institute of TechnologyColumbia University
Cornell UniversityDuke University
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Harvard University IE Business School
Imperial College London INSEAD
Johns Hopkins University Kings College London
London Business School London School of Economics and Political Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology McGill University
Princeton University Stanford University
University College London University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles University of California, San Francisco
University of Cambridge University of Chicago
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania University of Toronto
Yale University  

If you belong to one of the above universities, then we encourage you to contact us about becoming members and start helping us giving back to the community, while discovering like-minded people, creating solid friendships, and developing a strong professional network.

Achievers can apply to Alumni Central, if they fulfill the following conditions: 1) Received a regional or international recognition and/or the applicant heads a multinational company or organization; 2) At least 21 years old; 3) Clean judicial record and good reputation; 4) Complying with the Alumni Central By-laws, adhering to the Association’s values, and actively seeking to achieve the Association’s objectives; and 5) hold a Bachelor Degree or higher university diploma.


We are grateful for all our Sponsors, Friends of Alumni Central and MOU Partners. Please check them out below.

Alumni Central is open to corporate sponsorship in support of it's mission. In return for your generosity, you will receive a combination of the following, depending on the size of your donation:
  • Corporate logo and profile as sponsor on the AC website
  • A number of corporate roll-ups at all AC event
  • Corporate logo on the invitation cards and event tickets
  • Opportunity to select or have a speaker at a conference event
  • Thanked as sponsor in the main speech of AC that is given at all events
If you are interested in sponsoring our organization, please use the contact us section.
We would like to thank the following companies for their in-kind support
  • Nawaya Network

    Alumni Central has signed an MOU with The Nawaya Network to provide strategic guidance and support ongoing projects, via Alumni Central's member base.
  • Berytech

    Alumni Central has signed an MOU with Berytech to organize common events and promote Berytech mentorship opportunities to Alumni Central's member base.
  • Your organization
    Would your organization like to benefit from the highly educated and motivated member base of Alumni Central? If so, please contact us and let us begin a dialogue to see if we can come to a mutually agreeable understanding

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